What We Offer

We are aggressively working to set up strategic partnerships around the globe. M-CAM Inc in the USA has evaluated our technology and concluded that our technology is both timely for implementation in terms of patent coverage and cost effective and efficient for desulfurization compared to technologies and patents developed by others. We offer desulfurization units that can be installed at a refinery or at other desirable points such as terminals and petroleum product pipelines. We also offer sale of licenses for the right to use our technology.

Endorsements given by:

• M-CAM Inc. (USA) 
“DS2Tech process can achieve levels to 5-10 ppm of sulfur in oil-refined products”

• Fuel and Energy Ministry of Russian Federation
 “Advanced and very efficient process”
 “Estimated capital investments are several times less than the investments required for the existing technologies”

• National Scientific Research Institute for Oil Processing (VNIINP) Russia 
“Process is most efficient and fully integrated technology among the existing desulfurization processes”

• International Academy of Ecological Reconstruction 
“We recommend the enterprises involved into Fuel and Energy Projects to use the proposed DS2Tech technology”

• Environment Protection State Committee (Moscow) 
“The considered technology is carried out at a temperature of no more than 150 ºC and a pressure of no more than 2 atm without applying any aggressive media”

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