Patent Portfolio

DS2Tech’s ODS technology patents enjoy a broad patent coverage with earlier priority dates compared to our competitors. The process is technically and environmentally sound, is low cost due to mild operation, is flexible for sulfur, nitrogen, organometallics and aromatics, and can be readily adapted for commercial use.

DS2Tech patents offer a flexible and unique selective oxidation/catalytic adsorption-based desulfurization process for removing sulfur in all liquid fuels down to low ppmw levels at mild conditions. Our patents provide an extremely wide coverage not only for removing sulfur from liquid fuels but other contaminants such as nitrogen compounds, organometallics, and aromatics from liquid fuels and other liquid streams as well.

Many companies and research labs have been active in ODS over the past few years and several patents have been issued as summarized by Skov and England, Hydrocarbon Engineering, May 2007. This summary by Skov and England lists only 1 patent by DS2Tech. It is believed that the reason why Skov and England only list 1 patent by DS2Tech is that their search was specific to the use of hydrogen peroxide or organic oxidants for diesel. Thus they could pick up only the earliest DS2Tech patent in their search (US 5961820). Since then DS2Tech has patents in desulfurization of petroleum distillates using atmospheric air oxidation with a selective catalyst (US 6485633), particularly mercaptan removal from jet fuel, with a priority date of 13 Dec 2000, desulfurization of petroleum distillates using selective carbon adsorption (US 656,5741) with a priority date of 13 Dec, 2000, and DS2Tech patent in Eurasia (EA4234) that is a broad patent for removing contaminants from liquids (not just petroleum distillates such as diesel) by selective catalytic oxidation and adsorption with a priority date of 28 March 2003.

Our earlier patents provide coverage of oxidation and extraction type processes for crude oil and its derivatives including bunker fuels, catalytic oxidation to remove odor from jet fuels, and adsorption of sulfur from diesel. Our latest patent (EA4234) is a broad patent for removing contaminants from any liquid medium using catalytic oxidation, adsorption, and extraction. The process could be applied both at a refinery and at a terminal. The process can be easily optimized to suit the desulfurization requirements and thus minimize the processing cost required for the sale of the product. Our patents are well protected. The DS2Tech US patents provide coverage on diesel and jet fuel desulfurization in the US. The latest DS2Tech patent in Eurasia provides a broad coverage for all types of liquid fuels. Furthermore, through a PCT filing and with individual applications in several countries, DS2Tech provides coverage in many important oil producing regions of the world.

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