DS2Tech Process

Development of the DS2 Tech process began in 1997. Lab-and bench-scale development was carried out in numerous tests at Research Triangle Institute, USA and supported by scientists from the National Scientific and Research Institute for Oil Processing (VNNIINP), Russia. A pilot plant producing 100 ton/day of diesel was successfully built and tested at the Foreland Refinery, Eagle Spring, Nevada. In these lab- to pilot-scale experiments, bunker-c was consistently desulfurized to less than 1% sulfur, diesel was consistently desulfurized from 2500-5000 ppm to a level of <10 -100 ppm and jet fuel was deodorized to less than 1 ppm mercaptan sulfur. Further pilot-scale verification tests were conducted in Russia with high sulfur diesel. No significant catalyst deactivation was observed during 5 months of testing. Diesel with a sulfur content as high as 8000 ppm was successfully desulfurized to 26 ppm. Process design and engineering specifications were developed based on the data from these pilot-scale tests. Basic engineering designs for different sizes and capacities were prepared by engineers at SAPR-NEFTEKHIM, Russia.

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