DS2Tech Process

The DS2Tech process consists of selective oxidative desulfurization (ODS) of sulfur compounds using a high surface area solid catalyst in a oxidizer followed by adsorption of the oxidized sulfur compounds in a packed bed adsorber. In its basic configuration, the process consists of a continuous oxidizer connected to two packed adsorbers that operate in a cyclic manner. In the oxidizer, the sulfur compounds are selectively oxidized at atmospheric pressure and low temperature (40-65ºC). During the cycle, the oxidized sulfur compounds containing liquid is passing through one packed bed adsorber at atmospheric pressure and low temperature (50-75ºC), while the other adsorber bed is being regenerated. For regeneration, the trapped oxidized sulfur compounds are removed by washing with a solvent. The sulfur compounds are separated from the solvent and the solvent returned for reuse. The cyclic nature of the process gives it the flexibility to suit the desulfurization level that is required by reducing or increasing the cycle time.

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