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The DS2Tech  process     consists of selective oxidative desulf- urization (ODS) using a high surface area solid catalyst followed by catalyst...
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We are aggressively working to set up strategic partnerships around the globe. M-CAM Inc in the USA has evaluated our technology and concluded that our...
Patent Portfolio
DS2Tech has a strong patent portfolio in the area of ODS processes consisting of 4 patents, with the earliest one dating back to a priority date of 27 May, 1998.
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Sulfur compounds in fuels are a major source of pollution. Not only sulfur oxides in combustion engine exhaust do serious harm to the environment, but sulfur in fuels also causes increased particulate emissions and poisons catalysts used to remove hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions from combustion engines. For these reasons, sulfur regulations for fuels are becoming more and more stringent world wide.

DS2Tech has invented a unique and efficient oxidative desulfurization (ODS) process for deep desulfurization of crude oil and its derivatives such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, bunker fuel, and fuel oil. The process works at mild conditions (low temperature and pressure) compared to the conventional high temperature and high pressure hydrodesulfurization (HDS) process.

The DS2Tech ODS process can be cost effectively applied for desulfurization at refineries, terminals and pipelines around the globe.

In The News
October 5, 1999:
Received first US patent for desulfurizing high sulfur crude using a selective oxidizing agent and a carbonyl compound under alkaline conditions.

July 6, 1998:
DS2Tech Inc. established and registered in the State of Illinois.
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